Friday | August 7th, 2009

The beginning

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[UPDATE:] I’ve moved on to other things, like learning how to play the Ukulele, and no longer update this daily. It was a good run and I’m truly grateful to everyone who followed for it through the hundreds of posts.  I may put up an occasional drawing, but don’t count on it. “The beginning”, ironically, turned out to be the end. – K [/UPDATE]


Things are starting to become real.  Saturday’s* is the test ride.  Everything on the bike, 400+ miles. Destination? Vermont. Not sure where. Miller want’s some cheese. I told him I’d get it for him if he could find someone 200 miles away to sell it to me. If he doesn’t… there’s plenty more random things to ride to in Vermont, or any of the other states in a 200 mile radius of Boston.

I can’t wait.

* Probably Saturday… may change my mind and do it Sunday.